WATCH: A Couple Found This Bear Acting Strange, When They Found Out Why They Immediately Did This!

Bears are deemed harmful creatures that are easily provoked. But what happens when you chance upon them while you’re walking and you see that something is strange?

According to Newsner, this is what couple Samantha and Dean encountered while they were out in a green field. They were walking along when suddenly; the two saw a black bear in the distance.

Like all normal people, they immediately headed to their parked car, afraid of what the black bear might do.

However, when Samantha and Dean were both inside their car, they noticed that something was off with the bear. It didn’t seem to be walking straight and in fact, didn’t seem like it was going to attack them at all.

Stunned, they watched as the bear slowly walked towards their direction and froze when they found that the black bear’s vision was being blocked by a pail that was stuck on its head.

It seemed as if the black bear was desperately trying to rid itself of the pail but unfortunately, it wouldn’t come loose.

Samantha and Dean both tried to approach the bear with the intention of helping it, but the creature only walked away from them.

After a few more attempts, the couple finally got hold of the bear and tried to tear the pail away from its head. Apparently, they called in reinforcements in order to fully secure the bear and help it with its predicament.

They had to use a saw to hack off the pail from the bear’s head because of its tight hold. According to the report, the bear was not a fully-grown adult yet, so they had an easy time releasing its head from the pail.

Here is the footage that was uploaded to YouTube by user ‘Dean H:’

What do you think? If you have encountered the same thing, what would you do? Would you run away from the bear?

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Source: Newsner