WATCH: These Cute Kids Are Probably Way Smarter Than You Are!

Parents are more careful when it comes to their cute little babies. As much as possible, they take all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their children. However, there are just these precious kids who are already independent while still in diapers!

This hilarious viral video posted by Facebook page Emeka Mbadiwe is giving social media users a nice and warm laugh. The clip just showed how kids could be uncannily smart just to get their own way. It may be uncomfortable at first to watch as you would worry about the tricks these kids are doing but once they achieved what they want, they would definitely just blow you away.

Parents who are always vigilant of their kids often place hidden cameras that would somehow monitor the activities of their child. It just happened that these children were caught on the spot doing something unexpected. The video compilation jut showed that at some point, they already manifest clever thinking and successful strategies.

In the video, babies show how they love to escape. Some wanted to get away from their cribs while some seemed to actually want to get out of their house. It’s also hilarious that three babies who were featured in this video almost finished what seemed to be a cheerleading routine just to open the lock of their door. Teamwork is so evident.

Trying to escape from their corners is as hard as trying to reach something they want. While it is easier for adults to do this task, these hilarious babies showed that one should not doubt their abilities to think wisely.

Now who would say they cannot be left alone on their own?

Watch the funny but amazing footage here:

Although is entertaining to watch how unexpectedly smart these kids are, it is still a must to always prioritize their safety over of laughs. After all, they are the most precious gift.

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Source: Facebook