WATCH: This Kitten Was Hit By A Car And veryone thought It Was Dead But What This Woman Did Is A Miracle!

They say that a cats have 9 lives. And this video is proof of that.

Facebook user Camille Quindoza posted 2 videos of how she saved a kitten from certain death. Her post goes something like this:

“God really has a purpose for not making me ride the first bus that passed by the waiting shed near Baltao. He wanted me to save you.
Only 6 seconds had passed when I saw you hit by a vehicle so I ran into the middle of the street and stopped an incoming gray car so I could put you on the side near the plants. After putting you on the side of the street I immediately tried to revive you. Then passersby came by and had nothing but negative things to say. One said that it is just a kitten and I should just leave it. And another said, “Miss! There’s nothing you can do anymore.”

Then I decided to make a video to prove to them that you can still survive. I did not stop reviving you even though I lost hope that you would still live. But when I saw you breathe this is what happened next.

The 2nd video got cut! Anyway, it was such a nice feeling. I felt like I was a veterinarian earlier.”

The video went viral and has more than 1,500 likes and 450 shares.

Source: Facebook