Watch: This Mom Was Shocked When She Saw What Her Son And His GF Were Doing In His Room!

Teenagers love adventure and they are curious about things. They often love to try all the extremes and even the most challenging activities. Sometimes, these extremes include pranks involving intimate acts and love scenes. What makes this more fun for them is their choice their victims.

In this video, a son connived with his girlfriend in order to pull a prank on his mother. They were really brave enough to test his mother’s temper.

This prank is surely something that not everyone would be comfortable of doing. As mentioned, this requires bravery to be successful.

The prank involved the “three feet on the floor” rule. This was designed to prevent teenagers from getting into a romantic relationship with each other.

The teenager began by grunting while inside his room, apparently trying to pass off as having sex. The mom can first be seen hesitating to approach the boy. However, she remained on guard outside his son’s room door. She stayed there for a while and seemed to be listening to the noise coming from the room. Unsure if she would bother the couple inside, she left her spot without saying a word.

However, the prank victim cannot cool herself down and decided to come back after some moments. Eventually, the grunting becomes much more intense, prompting the mom to enter the room and reproach his son. The mother swiftly entered and reminded his son and his girlfriend that they were not staying at their own house. She even yelled ‘grow up’ at them.

Of course, the prankster laughed so hard to see his mother’s reaction upon seeing his fully-clothed girlfriend. The couple cannot help but laugh at what happened.

While pranks are designed to be fun, the mom in the video did not think of even smiling at all.

Source: FilCom