Wife Who Recently Lost Her Unborn Child Also Lost Her Soldier Husband In Marawi Clash!

The war in Marawi City has already caused the whole nation to grieve. The fight for our country’s peace and order has always been a tough battle not only for our heroic soldiers but to their families as well.
A mother from Cebu City could not even face the media because of the tremendous grief she has after losing two of the most important people in her life.

The wife of Army Corporal Reymund Paracuelles is still devastated after losing him and their child. Paracuelles was among the slain soldiers who lost their lives in the battle in Marawi City. Meanwhile, his wife suffered a miscarriage last March while she was 6-months pregnant with their second child. One could not imagine the pain she is feeling after losing Paracuelles and their angel.

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Paracuelles belonged to a team that provided the path to the ground soldiers in order for them to advance to critical positions and fight hundreds of the Maute terrorists. Unfortunately, he died during a breaching operation in the city last June 6. He is among the 57 slain soldiers since the war erupted.
Aside from losing Paracuelles and their child, Paracuelles’ wife is also trying to be tough in taking care of their one-year-old child who suffers from heart and kidney disease.

It was in 2012 when Paracuelles decided to resign from his job and enter the military service. His father, Cesar, knew that he was made to be a soldier ever since he was young. He came from a family of soldiers who is ready to fight for the country’s honor and glory. The death of this brave and valiant soul is deeply mourned by the whole Cebu community.

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We salute you, Army Corporal Paracuelles!

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SOURCE: GMA News | Cebu Daily News