You Will Be in Awe Once You See This 3-Year-Old’s Head Wound! His Father Is Desperately Pleading for Help!

A father from Bacoor is knocking on everyone’s heart as he seeks help for his three-year-old son who has a gaping wound on his head.

“Baby Aldrine” is currently confined in Jose Reyes Hospital, and is in desperate need of an operation to close his head wound.

Arnold Francisco, Baby Aldrine’s father, opened up about the accident that happened to their family. According to him, his wife and other child were electrocuted when a live wire fell and hit their house, which was mainly made out of “yero” or metal sheets. Unfortunately, Baby Aldrine incurred the worst damage.

Baby Aldrine has already undergone two operations and is dire need of another one. He is also currently diagnosed with pneumonia.

“Minsan nagsasabi siya (Baby Aldrine) sa amin po, hirap na daw siya sa sugat niya,” Arnold lamented.

For people who are interested in providing support to Baby Aldrine and his family, you can contact Arnold through 09289528324.

Source: Kami