You Will Not Believe How This Type of Fish Make Fish Babies! Must Watch!

This particular clip shared by Facebook page NTD Television gives light on how this particular type of fish breed their kinds. The short clip tickled the curiosity of many netizens as some of them think that the natural phenomenon is an enthralling version of a ‘fish porn’. Although the site did not provide any information about the video, it can be seen that the clip shows an amazing event that not most humans can witness. As the page claimed, it took experts 3 years to capture such amazing moment.

Watch it here:

The clip uploaded by the Facebook page is actually a part of a full-length documentary film made by Howard Croston which is dedicated for the observation of how grayling fishes breed in nature. The film is considered as the “Highly commended film in the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards”.

According to the documentary, grayling fishes are known for their distinctive dorsal fins. These fins made them earn the name “Lady of the Streams”. Male grayling fishes have darker colors. To determine who will father their next generation, male grayling fishes engage in a natural competition.

Two male grayling fish will compete for the attention of a female grayling fish. They will bite and body slam each other. Once the perfect match is made, the winning fish will defend the female and start courting her. To do so, the male grayling fish will raise its dorsal fins to encourage the female to breed. They will rub up on each other until their force digs into the gravel. When enough depth is made, the female will lay her eggs there and the spawning is finished.

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Source: Facebook