A Woman Was Violated Inside A Jeepney By A Total Stranger! Girls, Be Aware! This Can Also Happen To You!

This post took over the internet as soon as it was posted by netizen Mae David. She took one of her worst experiences to Facebook to warn other people, especially women, to be extra alert and careful when going home alone.

According to her, she was on her way home around 5AM when she spotted a guy who looked like he was checking her out. She wasn’t bothered at first. But when the guy rode the same jeepney, she started feeling paranoid. She sat the middle while the guy sat at the far end.

After some time, the guy suddenly pulled one of her earphones, and pointed a sharp weapon at her. She was waiting for him to ask for her money or cellphone, but then he started touching her private parts!

Pure disgust filled Mae, but she was helpless. She tried to ask help from the driver but she suspected that they were working together.

The post has already garnered 4.5 thousand reactions and over 2 thousand shares.

Source Facebook