If You’re Waking Up At 3 – 5 AM, You Might Be Experiencing Spiritual Awakening!

The human body is one of the most complex biological systems in the planet. Just imagine its complexity and how it was designed to work and function. Amazing, right?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you always wake up at a certain time? According to early Chinese medicine, using your meridian time frame can help you figure out what is wrong or what is messing up your body?

According to this Chinese study, sleeping patterns and troubles at a certain time of night indicate different problems.

Having trouble sleeping between 9 PM to 11 PM means that you are stressed out. You worry and stress out too much, that is why you cannot even fall asleep. To cure this, you need to meditate and loosen up.

Waking between 11 PM to 1 AM indicates emotional disappointment. Experienced a traumatic or sad event? That could be a trigger. The ancient Chinese believed that at this time your gallbladder is active and these triggers the emotional aspect of your body. Forgiveness and self-acceptance may be the answer.

Waking up at 1 AM to 3 AM means you’re angry. Maybe someone along the way made you furious? If you want to sleep, drink cold water and try to meditate.

Waking up at 5 AM to 7 AM means you may be experiencing an emotional blockage. So you need to stretch it out or go to the restroom.

It really is amazing how the Chinese came up with this. Before you laugh it off, you might want to try it. It might be the answer to your sleeping problems.

What can you say about this ancient way of diagnosing sleep problems?

Source: Elitereaders